Come viene rappresentata l’Unione europea nei media italiani?

Hi everyone,

I came across this article this morning and thought it was quite interesting: it looks at the way representations of the EU have changed in the Italian media over the last few years.

Research carried out at the University of Turin shows that articles that mention the EU are growing in number, and seem to portray it in an increasingly negative light. The article then concludes that “nel generale scivolamento del sistema informativo italiano verso un modello di giornalismo ancor più negativo e sbilanciato del passato, l’informazione sull’Europa sembri godere di una sorta di attenzione protettiva che almeno in parte smorza l’onda sfavorevole.”

Do you agree with this conclusion? Does the place of the EU in the Italian media help to “soften” the wave of negative opinion? How much do you think the media really influences or reflects popular opinion? These days, are the opinions of celebrities and influencers more influential than those expressed in the traditional media, i.e newspapers?

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