Filling a gap: the clandestine gang fixing Rome illegally

As Italy’s capital falls apart, a secret organisation is doing the repairs the authorities won’t

Hello everyone!
This morning I read some good news, for a change. I read about a group of residents in Rome who make it their job to maintain and fix public spaces, since the authorities of the city are often slow to do so. Though they are techincally breaking the law, they get up very early in the morning to fix playgrounds, potholes and any other public structure or defect which needs mending. Here is the article.

The Gruppi Artigiani Pronto Intervento (GAP) is a small group of workers from around Rome which is currently recruiting in order to make a difference to their city. Each member of the group conceals their identity and works on projects such as pedestrian crossings while the city sleeps.

How would you translate GAP, the group, into English? Are there any similar examples of such organisations in the UK or Italy which you can think of?

As always, let me know!

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