‘Super fugitive’ mafia boss arrested after 14 years on the run: The Guardian

Read the article in quesiton here. Naples mafia boss Marco Di Lauro is considered the second-most dangerous man in Italy. He was “sitting with his two cats and eating pasta when police arrested him in an operation involving around 150 officers.”

Ciao a tutti!
Over the weekend I came across another article and found the details included in it interesting to say the least. Give the article a read and let me know what you think of the newspaper’s representation of italians and the mafia. His caputure was well thought out and documented, and attracted the attention of Giuseppe Conte as well as Matteo Salvini, and also drew attention to Italy in foreign press such as The Guardian.

To me, it is a topic which is often dramatised in the press, with mafia bosses painted as enigmatic and God-like figures. For example, this article mentions he has a code name (F4), and mentions death tolls and the scale and length of the search for Di Lauro in great detail. What do you make of the article? Is the mafia treated differently in the italian press? Let me know!

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