Supercoppa in Arabia, Salvini: «Tribuna per maschi schifezza».

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Matteo Salvini has expressed his opposition towards the Super Cup between Juventus and Milan being played in Saudi Arabia, because of the lack of freedom of women who are prohibited to attend the match unaccompanied by a man. However, at the same time Salvini sees business in Saudi Arabia as a huge opportunity and contributor to Italian economy. “Secondo l’agenzia Ice, l’interscambio tra Italia e Arabia Saudita nel 2017 è stato di 7,4 miliardi di euro (+9% su base annua)”.

I have attached several links to different articles concerning this topic that might interest you, and I also wanted to pose two questions open to discussion:

What do you think are Salvini’s intentions in describing Saudi Arabia as an “irrispettoso, illiberale e retrogrado” country, that “non è civile”?

How far do you think football is, or should be, political?

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